World Wild Duck Institute

Welcome to the WorldWildDuck Institute

The WorldWildDuck institute connects lateral thinkers.
Lateral Thinking is the essential requirement for innovation.

Of course lateral thinkers are running out of suffocating structures.
In general the reward is that they become socially isolated, which is not a superior motivation to contribute constructive critics without any censorship.

The WorldWildDuckInstitute enhances lateral thinking & innovation.
The WorldWildDuckInstitute claims reservations for innovators.

The WorldWildDuckInstitute promotes the WorldWildDuck Foundation.
Support the WorldWildDuck Foundation - world wide!

"Kierkegaard drew his point - you can make wild ducks tame,
but you can never make tame ducks wild again.
One might also add that the duck who is tamed will never go anywhere any more. We are convinced that any business needs its wild ducks"
(Thomas Watson, 1963)

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