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We think that in a growing european community it should be a matter of course to give "feeling europeans" a short information about our institute - even if we still don`t have the capacity to handle international projects.

The institute for lateral thinking and innovation was founded in july, 2004 by Erich Feldmeier. The institute is a researching and consulting company, dealing with knowledge management and innovation with methods of organisational psychology.

Mankind still would live in caves, if there haven't always been people challenging successfully the well-known beyond classical ways. For that, lateral thinking is the basic need for successful innovation. For organisational reasons people in groups adopt views from other co-workers. This is a very useful value for social needs.
On the other hand this group think is the death blow for systematic innovation. Individual lateral thinkers and lateral thinking are blocked off by social barriers, - not technological, reasonable, economical or others.

Nowadays there is neither a lack of information nor innovation. In times of LiveLongLearning (LLL)  transfer between specialists and transfer of knowledge and innovation into minds, workflows, processes and products is THE CHALLENGE of dynamic societies.

A lot of research results from behaviourism, game theory and organisational psychology are helping us to overcome these barriers in practice.

The institute stands for a radical redefinition of illness term. Diseases in and of organisations should explicitely be dealt like diseases of individuals. For that the institute shall be understood as an innovation doc, developing treatments and prophylactical means to ban diseases of modern times:

  • lack of time
  • information overload
  • cynicism by age
  • career due to technical skills
  • lack of usability of software and other technical tools
  • such called pig cycles

The institute acts as a consulting company, too. We encourage indivual responsibility and the "creative individual" (Mihalyi Cszikszentmihalyi) with their outstanding personal specialised knowledge. Knowledge by experience traditionally is not digitally explicable and typically not evaluated in economic terms. We show you ways to manage knowledge by experience in organisations, to preserve it systematically in your organisation, even when human knowledge workers are going to leave your company, in times of demographic change a dramatical challenge. Applied KM means the classic tripartite development of humans, organisations and technique. Due to the hierarchy of needs, verbalised by Maslow, e.g. motivation, corporate culture and wellbeing of workers are presumably necessary to enable them to do a good job.

As a prime contractor we' re pleased to offer you:

  • professional informations from natural sciences & technology, <>sociology & organisational psychology and human resources development & knowledge management beyond datamining and artificial intelligence
  • organisational consulting
  • methodical innovation
  • applied knowledge management in the classical tripartite sectors
  • man - organisation - technology
  • error management
  • planing of workflows and work equipment usability, accessability, ergonomics, training
  • mission oriented research
  • managing the transformation gap from theory into practice
  • reactivation of senior worker's knowledge
  • evaluation of implicit knowledge
  • conservation of leaving workers knowledge in organisations
"It is not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion which makes horse races."
(Mark Twain, american writer, 1835-1910)